How to Install New Headlights

How to Install New Headlights Auto Repair

Installing or repairing a new headlight for your car on your own can be a significantly cheaper alternative than taking your car to the nearest auto body shop. All you need to do is go to the nearest auto parts store and to find the right headlight for your vehicle’s specific make and model. From there, with the right tools and this guide, you will know how to install new headlights in no time.

First, to remove the light, you will need to open up the hood of your car. On the side of the broken headlight, you will need to find the plastic connector for the headlight. Remove the electrical connector that gives the headlight its power. Then, find the cover that houses the headlight.

After unscrewing this cover, remove the headlight bulb from the headlight compartment holder. You might need to remove any mounting screws or retainers holding the bulb in place.

After removing the old headlight, take the new headlight and compare to make sure you have the right bulb. Hold it by the plastic casing instead of grabbing the bulb itself. You should be able to set it in place pretty easily. Then take the mounting screws or holdings and re-tighten them. Plug in the headlight to the electrical connector that you removed the old headlight from.

After everything is in place and screwed back in, close the hood and turn on your car for a test run.

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