Trunk will not Latch

Trunk will not Latch Auto Repair

Leaving your trunk open when you are driving is illegal in some states, especially if it is not secured by cables or ropes. An open trunk can obstruct your view and put you and others in danger. Most people do not forget to close their trunk, but rather, are unable to because the latch broken. If the trunk will not latch on your car, try the following solutions before visiting a repair shop.

Clean up

If your car is dirty, debris can prevent the latch from connecting to the chassis correctly. Examine the area around the latch and chassis. Remove any large parts pieces of dirt with your hands. Go back with a vacuum and remove small pieces that you cannot grab.

Apply pressure

You need two people to do this: one inside the trunk and one outside. Have somebody get into the trunk of your car. Once one person is inside, the person on the outside should push down on the trunk at the same time that the person inside releases the release mechanism. The trunk can sometimes get jammed, but applying gentle pressure should fix the problem. Furthermore, you can add some lubricant to the problem area.

Check for trunk damage

If there is a dent in your trunk, the latch my not be able to align properly. You can pop the dent out yourself if you have the right tools. Otherwise, take your car to a repair shop.

Check for latch damage

If the latch is bent out of shape, it may not attach properly to the car. Look for any damages on the latch that would prevent it from fitting. Has something recently hit your car? Have you used a lot of force on your trunk? If you find damages, find a replacement piece for your car from a local garage or your car manufacturer.

Additional Help

If you need help finding a local garage that has your replacement part, use TalkLocal. Fill out a service request online and specify the car part you need. Then TalkLocal will match you with up to three local repair services that have the item in stock and can meet when you are available. Don’t waste time visiting repair shops that can’t help you; let TalkLocal do the searching. After submitting your request, you will recieve a phone call from a local business within minutes!

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