What are the Different Types of Limos?

What are the Different Types of Limos? Limo Rental

The term limousine refers to a luxury vehicle, generally longer than an average car, that is driven by a chauffeur.  Limousines are conventionally black or white, yet there is also a plethora of custom made limousines by various companies that can range in color, shape and amenities that may even include hot tubs or jacuzzis.  Limousines are by far the most expensive form of transportation and give off an image of wealth and/or power.  In addition to the wealthy users of limousines, people treat themselves to limousine transportation for special events such as weddings, proms and other extravagant parties. Politicians and other high ranked government officials are also frequent limousine users. What are the different types of limos?  Read on for more information.

Sedan limousine 

There are many different types of limousines that vary in size and other features.  The smallest limousine is the sedan limousine.  This limo is generally the cheapest to rent as it only fits 2-3 individuals comfortably.  This limo is generally most commonly rented for airport travel.  This type of limousine can also be used as an alternate to a taxi cab.  The most common sedan limousine is a Lincoln Towncar and is generally black.

Stretch limousine

Stretch limousines are similar to sedan limousines, expect they are longer.  There are three types of stretch limos that vary in size.  There is a six-pack, eight-pack and a ten-pack.  The stretch limousine is a good option for a smaller gathering.  Be aware, though, that even though a limousine may claim to fit 10 people comfortably, it may be a little uncomfortable and cramped.

Super stretch limousine

There are also super stretch limousines.  Super stretch limousines come in many different models such as Towncars and Bentleys, and they even come in SUV’s such as Excursions, Escalades, Hummers and more.  Super stretch limousines are a great option for parties where everyone wants to travel together.  These limos fit anywhere from 14-20 people comfortably.  Some models even include a fifth door for easier entrance/exit for the passengers.  There are many amenities included inside such as televisions, bars and exotic lighting.  Make sure you have a professional and licensed driver that you can trust because driving a lengthy vehicle is difficult to drive and turn.  Super stretch limousines are the most popular option and surprisingly one of the most popular colors are pink.

Party bus

Party buses have been rising in popularity recently.  Party buses provide the same luxuries as other limousines, yet they are large enough to comfortably stand up, walk around and stretch your bodies out.  These buses are ideal for partying on the go as many buses have dance poles in addition to lighting that is reminiscent of a club.  Party buses are the best option for fitting the most passengers as they can fit up to 44 people.

The price difference between a sedan limousine and stretch limousine are minimal, thus when booking a limousine for the airport or a business trip ride in a stretch limousine for an additional small fee.  If you are looking for a good limo service for an upcoming event, use TalkLocal.  This completely free service will connect you to up to three highly rated limousine companies in your area within minutes.

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  2. Sharon Salfarlie says:

    Hello, I am looking to book a limo to bring my daughter and 4 friends to her school prom at the end of this month.

    What is the hourly charge and the limo types available, which would suit.

    What is the minimum rental i.e. 1 hour, etc?



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