Should I Rent A Regular Or Stretch Limo?

Should I Rent A Regular Or Stretch Limo? - Limo Rental

You are planning a formal occasion. You have plenty of questions to ask yourself. Did I get the right flowers? What kind of music should I play? Oh, and do not forget transportation — that’s key. But even there, you might ask: Should I rent a regular or stretch limo?

Limousines are a staple for formal occasions, most notably, weddings, proms, and banquets. Still, limos are used for more practical purposes, especially regular limousines. If you are wondering — Should I rent a regular or stretch limo? — here is a little information to help you out.

What Is The Difference Between A Stretch And Regular Limo

When most people hear the word “limo,” they automatically picture a stretch limousine. While these are very common, they are not the only kind of limo. In fact, limos can come in the form of a more traditional car, like a Lincoln Town Car. As long as the vehicle is piloted by a chauffeur and features a few more luxurious amenities than an ordinary vehicle, then it is considered a limo.

What’s The Occasion?

As you may have guessed, regular limos are used for more practical purposes, while the stretch variety, in all of their extravagance, are used for special occasions. Here are some examples of when you might use each.

Regular limo

– To get to the airport to board a flight

– As transportation in another city while on a business trip

– On a date with no other couples

Stretch limo

– Weddings

– Proms/high school dances

– Large gatherings

– To social events (clubs, concerts, sports games, etc.)

How Many People Are Riding?

This is an important question, as space in a regular limo is limited. If you are transporting a whole party of people, a stretch limo can sometimes seat dozens of passengers safely.

What Amenities Do You Want?

Much of the draw to stretch limos comes from the fact that they come equipped with a lot of fun features, including a wet bar, snacks, televisions, lights, stereos, and more. If you require some, or all, of these amenities, the stretch limo is the way to go. A regular limo’s amenities are very limited due to space constraints.

Rent A Limo Now!

You can always call a local limo rental company and ask: Should I rent a regular or stretch limo? They can make an accurate assessment for you. To contact one quickly, just use TalkLocal. We do all of the legwork for you. All you have to do is pick up the phone and talk to professionals who want to compete for your business.

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