Moving Companies from US to Mexico

Moving Companies from US to Mexico Moving and Storage

Are you wondering if moving companies can help you move stuff from the US to Mexico? The majority of moving services normally won’t do international moves as there are immigration complications that often times makes it too much of a hassle. Fortunately, there are some specialized moving companies that do international moves to Mexico and will take care of the legalities involved in moving to Mexico. Read on to learn more about moving companies from US to Mexico.

Why should I hire a professional mover company?

Moving to Mexico is not as simple as just arriving at the border in a rented truck with all your belongings and driving on through. You’ll need to actually first pack up all your belongings in a truck, drive to the border, and then meet with a customs broker to check your items. You’ll also then need to rent a truck in Mexico to transport your goods to your final destination. A professional moving company will help you streamline this entire process, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle at all.

What do I need to do before moving?

You’ll need to apply for a FM3, which is a legal permit that allows you to import your household goods without paying a duty at the border. This application needs to go through the Mexican consulate so make sure this is all completed before you begin moving.

You’ll also need a Menaje de Casa, which essentially is a laundry list of everything you’ll be bringing into Mexico. The customs broker will use this to check off your list of items before crossing so make sure it is accurate, as inaccurate listings may lead to severe financial penalties and potential incarceration. Ensure that you also have the appropriate forms of picture ID and passports necessary to actually cross into Mexico.

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