My Turtle is Eating Rocks

My Turtle is Eating Rocks Veterinarians

Pet turtles are cute, low maintenance animals.  They require a little attention and general feedings, but usually don’t take up a lot of your time.  Turtles are uncomplicated creatures, but ones who sometimes do strange things.  For example, people often complain, “My turtle is eating rocks.”  This strange eating habit is not good for the turtle; read the information provided below on how to fix this situation.

Why is your turtle eating rocks?

Your turtle could be eating rocks for a number of reasons, including:

– By mistake

– Because it needs more calcium

– Out of boredom

– Intentionally

Sometimes turtles will mistakenly intake pebbles because it is searching for food.  Turtles frequently search for sunken food and eat whatever is at the bottom of the tank on accident.  Another reason turtles eat rocks is because they are looking to get more calcium.  You should try to get it a cuttle bone to chew on so that it gets the necessary nutrition it needs.  Furthermore, when your turtle is bored it will begin to eat the sand and pebbles.  You should transfer your pet into a larger tank with more foliage/room to move around.  Finally, for some unknown reason, turtles will occasionally eat rocks intentionally.  There is no nutritional value, so the reason as to why it eats small amounts of this substance is unknown.

These rocks are not good for your turtle.  The gravel can get stuck in their digestive system and impact.  This will cause a larger problem in the long run.  The turtle will continue to eat rocks until it’s stomach is completely swollen and this is quickly followed by death.

If you notice your turtle eating the rocks at the bottom of its tank you should take action immediately.  Remove all the gravel and sand as soon as possible.  A bare tank floor will trap less food and create less smells as well.  If you want to keep the rocks at the bottom of the tank, you should use colorful sand/rocks so your turtle will not confuse it as food.  You should also use large rocks that are at least bigger than the turtle’s head because this way your pet will be unable to eat them.

If you are looking for a veterinarian to help out with your pet turtle and it’s penchant for eating rock, use TalkLocal.  Simply input your problem, location and availability, and you should be connected to someone who can help you out within minutes.

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