How to Keep Your Snow Blower Chute from Clogging

How to Keep Your Snow Blower Chute from Clogging - Snow Removal

Snow blowers are a wonderful invention. They make short work of clearing driveways and sidewalks after an overnight snow. Just imagine a winter without shoveling – no more back injuries, aching muscles,, or falls on icy surfaces!

After the record-breaking snowfall last winter, you finally decided to buy a snow blower. Even though you never complained about shoveling snow, you were mentally turning cartwheels when you brought your new snow blower home. However, you have noticed your snow blower has started to vibrate and snow is not discharging from the chute as it should. You can fix the problem yourself – if you know how to keep your snow blower from clogging.

How to Keep Your Snow Blower Chute From Clogging

First, you need to understand the basic mechanics of your snow blower. The parts of the machine that do the biggest job are the impeller paddles (in single-stage machines) or a combination of an impeller and auger blades (in two-stage snow blowers). These key parts pull the snow into the machine and force it out through the chute.

Use these tips to prevent and fix snow blower clogs:

– Keep the snow blower path clear of potential obstructions like rocks, toys, and other small objects.

– One of the main problems can be heavy, slushy snow. Wet snow becomes compacted and forms ice chunks, which will clog the chute. Use a clean-out tool or stick to remove the ice or other obstruction. Always turn the snow blower off and disconnect the spark plugs before attempting this – NEVER use your hand to dislodge obstructions.

– Let the engine warm up before clearing snow. Start by clearing a patch of light snow and then move into deeper areas.

– Direct the snow blower slowly through the snow. Do not force it. Allow the machine to propel itself forward at a steady pace.

– The internal surfaces of the snow blower can become pitted and rough after a season or two of use. Make sure all parts are completely smooth. Coat the impeller/auger and chute with graphite spray. This will prevent snow from sticking to internal surfaces.

Buying a new Snow Blower

If you are in need of a new snow blower, the first thing to consider is if you need a single-stage or two stage-blower. Single stage blowers are meant to handle lighter amounts of snow whereas a two-stage blower have have an auger that feeds the snow into two mechanisms, one that feeds it in and other that throws it out. Several other factors can determine the type of blower you need including: size of your driveway, how often it snows in your location, and your budget. You can compare snow blowers at Amazon to find the one that is best suited for you.

Professional Help

Now you know how to keep your snow blower from clogging, right? If you have tried all of these tips and your snow blower continues to clog, it might be time to take it in for repairs and maintenance. Let your friends at TalkLocal put you in touch with a mechanic that specializes in snow blowers. This way, you can spend more time sledding and building snowmen with the family!

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