Graphite Lubricant Uses

Graphite Lubricant Uses - Handyman

Graphite is a dry lubricant that is used to reduce friction. Graphite lubricant uses can vary but is often used in locks and various types of machinery. Because graphite is such a soft metal, it can easily be ground into a powder. This makes it the perfect dry lubricant. But dry lubricants won’t work for everything. Here are some of the most common ways to use graphite as a lubricant.


Graphite is often used to lubricate locks and make them easier to turn. Just like other devices, locks have moving parts inside that can stick if there is too much friction. Graphite is poured or sprayed into the lock and is able to get in between the moving parts. The graphite then helps break up the friction and makes the parts move better. This makes the lock easier to turn and reduces the wear and tear on your keys.

Pots and Pans

You may not know it, but one of the most common graphite lubricant uses is as coating on pots and pans. Since the graphite can tolerate heat, it works well as a coating. While many pots and pans tend to use Teflon as a coating, many also contain graphite.


The delicate parts in many machines prefer dry lubricants to liquid ones. This is because the dry lubricants tend to last longer on the moving parts. Many types of machinery which contain gears and other moving parts are lubricated with graphite. Graphite is even sold in bulk amounts so large companies can buy a lot at one time and use it on their machinery.

If you have ever wondered about graphite lubricant uses, you now know how versatile it is. If you are in need of a lubricant but think a liquid one may be too messy or just will not cut it, consider using graphite as a dry lubricant.

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