Make Laptop Faster for Gaming

Make Laptop Faster for Gaming - Computer Repair

Gaming is a great way to just sit back, relax, and have some fun…or maybe you enjoy to competition. Either way, you’ll want your laptop to be able to handle any game you play. Even if you have an older model or you did not buy a laptop built specifically for gaming, there are ways to make your laptop faster for gaming.

Make Laptop Faster for Gaming

One of the easiest ways to make your laptop run faster for gaming is simply to upgrade your graphics card.  While it may be expensive at first, if you have the money and you plan on spending a considerable amount of time gaming, it will definitely be worth the investment. Upgrading from a 512MB dedicated graphics card to a 1GB graphics card make a huge difference in gaming quality.

Another possibility is to increase the amount of RAM in your computer.  If you open up the task manager while gaming and you see that you’re currently using close to 100% of your physical memory, then you’ll need to install additional RAM to speed up your computer.  Laptop RAM is a little more complicated to install than desktop RAM, so make sure that you purchase the correct type of RAM for you laptop.  After purchasing it, only install it if you are comfortable with disassembling and reassembling your laptop.

Make sure your system is optimized to run as fast as possible.  That means while playing games, make sure to turn off unused programs and clear up as much memory as possible (using Task Manager to end services that won’t be utilized while gaming).  Check your power management options, and use the Best Performance or Maximum option (you may want to be plugged in to a wall outlet, as this may drain your battery quickly).  Furthermore, make sure to defragment your computer, and use the disk cleanup utility on a regular basis, so that your laptop is running in optimal conditions.

Additional Help

If your computer is still running slow after all these steps, then you may want to use TalkLocal to contact a highly-rated local computer professional to evaluate your computer and see how you can improve your gameplay experience.

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