Reinstall Operating System on Toshiba Laptop Using Recovery Partition

Reinstall Operating System on Toshiba Laptop Using Recovery Partition - Computer Repair

For whatever reason if you have changed the operating system of your Toshiba laptop and would like to return it back to its original factory settings, there are a few ways in which you can go about doing this.  To use a recovery partition you can take the following steps.

How to Reinstall Operating System on Toshiba Laptop Using Recovery Partition

In order to reset the computer back to its original factory settings with the operating system it came with you should use a recovery partition.

1. Restart your computer. As it starts up again you should continuously hit the F8 key until the advanced boot option screen appears.

2. You can select “Repair Your Computer”, your country, and hit Okay.

3. The System Recovery Options Screen should appear and you can click on restore application.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions. When prompted, select the full factory recovery option.  After a few minutes your recovery will be completed.

If this process does not work there is another way to reinstall the operating system on your Toshiba.

1. Turn your computer off and remove all plug ins such as the mouse, keyboard, USB’s, etc.

2. Hold down the zero button when you power your computer back up.  You can release it when the recovery warning screen appears.

3. The screen should offer a choice of operating systems so you can select whichever you want.  There will be a warning about how all data will be rewritten if you reinstall the OS. Just hit yes and continue.

4. The recovery wizard will open and you can select Recovery of Factory Software, and continue as directed.

Continuing Problems

If you still have problems with your computer and cannot seem to reinstall an operating system on your Toshiba laptop using the recovery partition you should attempt to seek professional help.  Don’t know where to look? Use TalkLocal to be put in contact with reliable local businesses within minutes.  Simply input the problem you are having along with your availability and TalkLocal will do the rest.  You don’t have to do any work and you will be connected to an extremely knowledgeable IT service company who can help you solve your problems.

4 Responses to “Reinstall Operating System on Toshiba Laptop Using Recovery Partition”

  1. Ninjaoninja2 says:

    When I hold down the 0 key the warning screen comes up I click yes and then it goes to a black screen and it does nothing I have waited for hours too see if the black screen does anything but it does not.

  2. guillermo febres says:

    I have a computer that the operating os sistem is not working at all my laptop is toshiba c855-s5347 what can I do to fixed.

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