How to Remove Weeds from Backyard

How to Remove Weeds from Backyard - Landscapers

One of the most important steps in cleaning up your garden is locating and removing weeds. Not only are they not the most attractive plants, but they take up space that could be used for plants of your choosing. The serious issue with weeds is that they suck up the water and other nutrients from surrounding plants, hindering their growth. Thus, eliminating untamed weeds is a necessity.

How to Remove Weeds from Backyard

When removing weeds, it’s crucial to make sure that the entire root of the plant is taken out of the ground. If only the foliage is removed, the weed will stay put and will continue to grow and hog up the nutrients. If this happens, be sure to use a spade to get under the dirt to remove the root of the weed. Using herbicides should be the last option as they are harmful chemicals that can ruin plants you don’t want to destroy. In the future, if you want to have the easiest time removing weeds, try to start weeding as soon as possible; the more time they have to grow, the more difficult it will be to remove them.

Once you’ve removed your weeds, it is essential to add fertilizer or mulch to the area. This will aid in hindering the growth of even more weeds. Also, the more grass and other plants that flourish in your garden, the less space there will be for weeds to take over. Make sure you follow the package’s instructions for mulch or fertilizer, as adding too much can smother your plants, while adding too little still allows weeds to grow.

Additional Help

While these tasks may seem simple, they can become a nuisance after some time. If you would like a professional to assess your yard and remove weeds as part of a process to re-do your land, be sure to use TalkLocal to find an available landscaper for you. We will connect you with up to three professionals in your area who will be available to help you when you need it most.

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