Weed Killer for Flower Beds

Weed Killer for Flower Beds - Landscapers

No matter how much care and love you put into maintaining your flower beds, it’s almost inevitable that weeds will eventually start to invade your carefully manicured flower beds.  At this point, pulling weeds out by hand may be too impractical or difficult, so you may be looking for a weed killer specifically formulated for flower beds. Unfortunately, while there are many grass-safe weed killers, there are currently no commercial products that specifically act as weed killer for flower beds.  However, with enough care and time, you can use weed killer in very small incremental targeted doses to kill off weeds in no time!

Methods for targeting weeds

One easy method is to use a small pint sprayer and just mist the leaves of the weeds.  Once again, almost all weed killers are indiscriminate between weeds and flowers, so you’ll want to avoid using it against any weeds that are close to flowers.  You may also want to use a sponger and gloves to apply the weed killer directly to the leaves of the weeds as well.  This method offers even more control than the spraying method if weeds are located extremely close to flowers.

You may also want to use more natural methods as well, avoiding the harsh chemicals, making it safer for kids and pets.  Household vinegar is a great weed killer and works especially well when there hasn’t been any rain for a while.  Likewise, you can use salt water to kill off new weeds; keep in mind though that excessive use of salt may irreparably damage your soil, so only use it in areas of your flowerbed in which you do not want any plant growth.

After killing the weeds

After you’ve finished killing off all of the weeds in your garden bed, you may want to consider using Preen to keep the weeds from coming back.  You can even get the Preen with plant food mixed in, simultaneously boosting your plant’s health while preventing any additional weeds from appearing.  Corn gluten can also be used as a natural alternative to Preen.

Additional Help

If you’re still uncomfortable using any of these methods and want to be sure to protect your flowers, you should talk with a professional landscaper to figure out the best way to de-weed your flowerbeds.  TalkLocal can connect you with high quality local landscapers in just minutes so that you can get your flowerbeds as clean and luscious as before!

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