Chromebook vs. Macbook

Chromebook vs. Macbook - Computer RepairIf you are a fan of Apple and its many products, you likely believe that the technology juggernaut’s Macbook is the standard for all laptops. However, Google, which has proven to be a formidable foe for Apple, provides a similar offering with their Chromebook.

Pitting the Chromebook vs. Macbook can highlight which laptop computer best suits your needs. Here are a number of characteristics to consider, and which laptop might be better.

Price — Advantage: Chromebook

Simply stated, Apple products are not cheap. The company has become a trusted brand among technological consumers, and those consumers remain loyal to their brand. Whether this contributes to Apple’s pricey products, that’s up for speculation, but Chromebooks are far cheaper than a Macbook. Some might argue that you must pay more for a superior product. Let’s see if a Macbook is truly superior.

Heavy computing — Advantage: Macbook

If you are looking to do more than surf the Internet, check e-mail and utilize applications, you will want a Macbook. A Chromebook is an unpowered notebook, meaning it is essentially a more scaled back version of a full fledge lap top. For this reason, Chromebooks have their limitations.

Creative pursuits, such as graphic design, video editing and recording, and mixing audio should be saved for a Macbook. Chromebooks are ideal for the more generic tasks, so don’t plan on doing much gaming.

Data storage — Advantage: Draw

Some might suggest that Chromebook’s method of storing information is the wave of the future, but it will take some getting used to. Instead of saving information to a hard drive, Chromebooks save everything to the virtual cloud. This simply means that the information is stored in cyberspace where it can be accessed from any machine.

Macbooks, on the other hand, contain a hard drive so you can store information locally. Both are perfectly fine methods of storing information, so it just depends on which one you prefer.

Keyboard/Typing — Advantage: Macbook

Have you ever had a laptop where the keyboard was scaled down slightly from a traditional keyboard. That makes typing a nightmare. Luckily, with both a Chromebook and Macbook, the keyboards are intuitively designed, which allows for smooth typing.

The only reason the Macbook would get the edge in this category is because, on most new models, the keys are backlit, which makes typing in the dark a cinch.

Always Have Savvy Support on Hand

When you declare a winner in the battle of Chromebook vs. Macbook, it is still important to properly maintain your computer of choice. Computer issues can be a huge headache. Some issues can only be remedied by computer repair technicians. One of these helpful professionals is never very far away with TalkLocal! We’ll connect you with up to three computer technicians in your area in just minutes.

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