How to Clean Inside of Computer Tower

How to Clean Inside of Computer Tower - Computer Repair

Why Clean Your Computer Tower?

Dust can cause many issues inside your tower that will prevent your computer from functioning properly. Dust clogs the fans, which are crucial for cooling your circuit boards, and you run the risk of overheating. Dust can even slow down your computer. Overall, it decreases the lifespan of your computer tower.

Cleaning your computer tower is very important for its durability and longevity. If you want to know how to clean inside of computer tower, you can do this yourself at home.

Materials Required

You will need:

– A cotton or microfiber cloth

– A compressed air can

– A screwdriver

– A vacuum or a small handheld dust buster

How to Clean the Inside of the Computer Tower

1. Disconnect all of the cables connecting your computer with your computer tower.

2. Remove the screws on the back of the computer tower that hold the side panel in place. If you have one, disconnect the side fan that is plugged into the computer tower. Put the side panel aside.

3. Slightly dampen the cloth and wipe down the inside of the side panel. This will remove any dust. If you have a side fan, blow the dust away with the compressed air can.

4. You will need a vacuum hose or a small handheld dust buster in conjunction with a can of compressed air. You may need to place your computer tower on its side to thoroughly clean the inside easily. Aim the end of the compressed air pipe at the fan inside the computer tower. While you are blowing the dust out of the fan, use the vacuum to immediately suck up the dust so that it does not settle back into the computer tower.

5. Using the compressed air and vacuum, spray the heatsink, cable tray, fans, and motherboard until dust no longer comes off of them. Remember to spray and vacuum together so that no dust remains.

6. Use the damp cloth again to wipe dust from the bottom of the tower.

7. You are now ready to reassemble your computer tower. Re-tighten the screws that hold the side panel and computer tower together. Reconnect your computer and tower.

Further Assistance

Cleaning the inside of your computer’s tower is a fairly easy process, but if you would like professional assistance, just use TalkLocal. We will connect you with up to three, high-quality, computer repair technicians in your area, so you can find the help you need.

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