Benefits Of Composting Your Garbage

Benefits Of Composting Your Garbage - Garbage Removal

In our ever “greener” society, composting waste has become more popular among the masses. If you’re considering trying to compost your waste, you may be surprised to learn there are more benefits of composting your garbage than just reducing landfill waste.

Here are the top five benefits of composting your garbage:

1. Fertilizer: Some of the most nutrient-rich parts of the food we eat get thrown away. Orange rinds, potato peels, etc. — they all get hauled to the dump. Wouldn’t you rather your garden or lawn benefit from these left over nutrients?

2. Water absorption: Increasing the amount of organic material in your soil — particularly in sandy soil — will help it retain more water. If your soil drains rapidly, there are many plants that will not survive in your garden. Compost can help the water to hang around long enough for your water-loving plants to use it.

3. Aeration: Increasing compost in your soil can also help aerate it. This is particularly important in clay soils. If your soil is densely packed, plant roots may have a difficult time digging deep and will not be able to absorb enough water.

4. Toxin removal: Organic compost can help trap and break down harmful environmental toxins such as chemical fertilizers, oil and grease, which can enter our water supply. This is helpful to the environment as well as each of us individually.

5. Money: Many garbage removal companies charge for more than one trash can. If you can reduce your waste by the average of 25 to 50 percent (the average amount of compostable waste we throw away), you could reduce your garbage bill. You’ll also save on buying fertilizers from your local nursery.

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If the benefits of composting your garbage have won you over but you don’t know where to start, check with a professional. TalkLocal can get you in touch with a professional in your area fast. Try out our free service today.

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