Building A Stone Fire Pit

Building A Stone Fire Pit - Landscapers

If you are longing for some rustic entertainment and feel that building a stone fire pit would scratch your nature-loving itch, we have some tips for you to consider. Fire pits can be an eye-catching addition to the yard, much like well designed areas of mulch or flowers.

Keep in mind before planning your project that, while stone fire pits are certainly elegant, they are much more work than a metal bin.

Before you start:

Building The Pit:

– Before building a stone fire pit, you have to prepare the area. If you are concerned about making it a perfect circle, try spreading a thin layer of sand on the spot you plan to dig. Tie two stakes together with a string the size of the radius of your pit (half the distance across). Place one stake in the center of the area you intend to dig, stretch out the string and use the other stake to draw a circle in the sand as you pull it around the center.

– After laying out your circle, begin digging around the edges. It might be easiest to dig little divots to mark your circle, as the sand will move when you begin digging deep. Dig your hole about a foot deep with an extra 6-inch ring similar to a moat around the edge.

– Fill the ring with gravel and place your first ring of stones on top. After installing your first layer of stones, place your metal ring in the center. Continue placing stones until they reach eight to 10 inches out of the ground.

– Fill the bottom of your pit six inches high with gravel and pack it down. This helps water drain and your fire to breathe.

– For the less mechanical of us out there, or those of us who simply don’t have the time, building a stone fire pit might seem like a daunting task.

Doesn’t Have To Be A DIY Project

Fortunately, there are professional landscapers available to help. Check out TalkLocal to find the right one for you. Our free service will match you with the right local professional quickly and easily.

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