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Flat Roof Tar - Roofers

A flat roof is very susceptible to water damage unless steps are taken to prevent this. Some people prefer to install pipes that are designed to guide water away from the roof, while others prefer using methods involving tar. Traditionally, most flat roofs use tar or tar paper that is applied to keep the building watertight. Gravel or something similar is then used to protect the tar. If you  live in a home with a flat roof, knowing how to keep it watertight can save you major headaches and money.

Applying Flat Roof Tar


1. Gather your materials. You will need a roller, an extension pole, and enough tar (or tar paper) to cover the surface of your roof. For the tar, we recommend finding a product that is white to help it reflect UV rays.

2. Prepare the roof surface for the tarring. This means cleaning and drying all of the surfaces where tar will be applied.

3. Before you begin the tarring process, make sure the conditions allow for a clean setup. Make sure the temperature is not too hot or too cold, or else the tar may melt too quickly or not seal at all if it’s too cold. With this in mind, it is time to start tarring.

4. Keep in mind, not all tar products are the same, so you will first want to read the directions on the container of the tar.

5. Start in the corner of the roof that is furthest from where your ladder is. Using a roller, spread the tar around with smooth strokes to cover the entire area. A second or even third coating can help to protect areas such as flashings or pipes that may be more at risk for water damage.

5. An alternate method is to use tar paper instead of just tar. These papers do essentially the same thing, but the application process is slightly different. Rather than coating areas, you apply strips of tar paper to areas that need to be kept watertight.

Further Assistance

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