Cost Of Tinting Car Windows

Cost Of Tinting Car Windows - Auto Glass Repair

Tinting the windows of your vehicle lends numerous benefits. Not only can tint make a car look sporty and cool, but in hot climates, it can help limit the sun that enters the vehicle, keeping you cool inside. It can also make it tough for outsiders to see in, giving you privacy and cutting down on thieves that are passing by looking for quick stuff to steal.

As any other custom feature on a vehicle, the cost of tinting car windows can vary. You could pay as little as $200 for a professional job all the way up to $500. It simply depends on your specific demands. Here are a few factors that can have an impact on the cost of tinting car windows.

Car Types

The size and shape of windows hinge upon the vehicle’s make and model. This figures into the cost of tinting car windows. If you have a smaller sedan, the price will not be too high. That price can increase as the surface area of the vehicle’s windows increase. Sport utility vehicles have a lot of window surface area, and therefore, are some of the most expensive vehicles to tint.

Additionally, some cars are harder to tint because their windows curve in a unique manner. It is important to talk to a tinting professional before the job to get an accurate quote.

Tinting Film

Window tinting is added to a vehicle with various types of tinting film. These films can contain anything from dyes to very thin pieces of metal. Some of these films are extremely cost efficient ($200-$250 per vehicle), while the most high-end films will cost you a pretty penny ($400). Selecting the right tinting film hinges on your personal needs.

Heat absorption

Tinting films that are most effective at absorbing or reflecting sunlight will be more expensive. This is worth the cost, however, because the more effective the film is, the cooler  you can keep your vehicle.

Aesthetic quality

If you are having your windows tinted purely for looks, you don’t have to select a very high-end tint. However, do not go for the real cheap films, as over time, they can start to bubble up.

Do-It-Yourself Kits

Want to drive the cost of tinting car windows all the way down to $80? You can purchase a pre-cut window tint film kit. These kits come with everything you need to tint your own windows, but you run the risk of making mistakes.

Get Professional Help

Get a hold of a local auto-tinting technician for a quote or general questions about the process. Finding a professional has never been easier than with TalkLocal. Try out our free service and be amazed at how quickly you are connected with someone who can help.

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