How to Tint Car Windows

How to Tint Car Windows - Auto Glass Repair

Sometimes it just gets way too hot outside and just air conditioning in the car isn’t enough. This is when tinted windows can be more than just a slick look for your car. You may be surprised to hear that tinting your car’s windows at home is fairly easy. We have some simple steps on how to tint car windows yourself.

Before you tint your windows, make sure you know the regulations about tinted windows in your state. Most states have regulations on how dark a window tint can be, and breaking these rules could result in fines or other legal trouble.

Materials Needed:

– Tint solution. You will be able to buy this at an auto parts store. Most tints are graded, which determines how dark the tint is.

– Window cleaning solution

– Sponge

– Single-edged razor blade

– Utility knife

– Squeegee

– Lint-free cloth

How to Tint Car Windows

1. Clean your windows thoroughly using the window cleaning solution and the rubber side of the squeegee. Make sure both sides of the window are clean.

2. Identify which side of the tinted film is the liner and which side is the film itself. Usually, the silk side is the liner and the sticky side is the film.

3. Carefully roll the film on the window with the liner facing outward.

4. Use the single-edged razor blade to carefully cut the extra parts of the film. Exercise extreme caution while doing this and always make sure that you cut the film at least one inch larger than the size of the car window.

5. Make sure that the bottom-most side extends to at least one fourth of an inch below the top of the inside casket.

6. Spray the outside of the film with the application solution and use the sponge to smooth the surface.

7. Use the utility knife to trim the vertical edges of the film.

8. Lower the window to about two inches and further trim the film to fit the shape of the window glass.

9. Clean the inside of the window with the application solution.

10. Put the film on the outside of the window glass.

11. Very carefully remove the liner.

12. Spray the inside of the window with the application solution, and then remove the film from the outside of the glass and place the wet part against the wet glass.

13. Use the squeegee to place the film in position.

14. Roll up the window, so the film continues to secure itself into position.

15. Push all of the water out.

16. Make sure there are no air bubbles.

17. Wipe any extra solution off.

Need Help?

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