How to Replace A Motorcycle Tire

How to Replace A Motorcycle Tire - Auto Repair

You might think that changing a motorcycle tire is very similar to changing a tire on a car, but this is not true.  It is actually a bit harder, but not impossible if you have the right materials and follow the right steps. We can show you how to replace a motorcycle tire, and any other motorcycle parts, right here!

Materials You Will Need

– Tire iron

– Valve core tool

– Bead breaker

– Compressed air

– Rim protector

– Spray-on lubricant

How to Replace A Motorcycle Tire

1) Gather all of your tools and materials.

2) Holding the valve core tool very tightly, deflate the old tire.

3) Figure out which way the wheel turns and mark the rim.

4) Break the bead away from the rim with the bead breaker tool (you should hear a pop).

5) Flip the tire and break the bead on the other side.

6) Spray lubricant on both sides of the tire beads.

7) Insert the tire iron to pry tire off the rim on both sides.

8) Lubricate the sides of the new tires.

9) Match the new tire with the mark you made on the rim.

10) Place the tire on the rim firmly (you may need the tire iron to do so).

11) Use the compressed air to add a little more air to the tire.

12) Insert the tire beads into the rim on both sides.

13) Add more air as necessary.

Further Assistance

If you would prefer to have a professional replace your motorcycle’s tire for you, you can use TalkLocal! We will connect you with up to three motorcycle repair professionals in your area in just minutes. Just tell us where you are, what you need, and your availability, and we’ll find the right professional for you, when you need them most!

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  1. Kenya says:

    I actually didn’t think that replacing a motorcycle tire would be any different from a car tire. But I now know. Do you happen to know where I can get a motorcycle tire in Abbotsford? Please let me know, thanks.

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