How To Tell When To Change Your Motorcycle Tire

How To Tell When To Change Your Motorcycle Tire - Towing

Owning a motorcycle means you must know how to maintain it properly and perform the needed repairs. Some of the most important knowledge you will need for your motorcycle is how to tell when to change your motorcycle tire. If your motorcycle tires have lost their tread or have wire sticking out of them, they could be dangerous and even cause you to have an accident.

Knowing when to change them will help keep you safe while riding and keep your bike in the best condition possible.


You need tread on your tires so you can get traction. When tread wears down, tires are more likely to slip and hydroplane. Some states have different requirements for tread than others. Check the laws in your state, and make sure your tire tread is adequate.


Check the side of the tires for any cracks. When tires get old, they can dry-rot and crack. This can cause air to escape and make the tires more vulnerable to blowouts. If you notice cracks in the sides of your tires, you should change them as soon as possible.

Tire Pressure

Check the tire pressure often. Your tires should have a certain pressure. If your tires are not holding the appropriate pressure, it could mean it is time to change them. As you drive on the tires, they will lose pressure. If you notice the pressure is dropping faster than normal, you should change them.

Air Loss

If you notice any sign of air loss in the tires, you will need to replace them. If you are wondering how to tell when to change your motorcycle tire, this is the easiest way to tell. The air loss can be a sign of a hole or crack or could mean the tire is off the rim.

When You Need Help…

Just always remember, knowing how to tell when to change your motorcycle tire is of the utmost importance. Changing them often will make your bike last longer and help you avoid accidents.

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