How To Prevent Power Surges

How To Prevent Power Surges - Electricians

Power surges are somewhat common and can be incredibly destructive to the electronics around your house. Knowing how to prevent power surges can put your mind at ease, assuring you that the electronics that you plug in will not suddenly be fried by this invisible hazard.

What Is A Power Surge?

As the name indicates, a power surge is a surge of voltage that goes above the 120 volts of power that all American homes distribute via electrical outlets. These surges can come in one great big surge, or a number of small surges over time. Both can be destructive to electronics in your home, as the surge in voltage generates heat capable of damaging electronic components.

Power surges can come from a number of sources, but the most common is from lightning strikes. The following are some tips on how to prevent power surges.

Use A Surge Protector

Power surges present such dire consequences that the market has been flooded with products that protect you from them. Most surge protectors feature a number of outlets, so you can plug multiple electronics in at the same time. This comes in handy with computers, where many components need to be plugged in at one time.

When a surge in voltage strikes, the surge protector handles it internally and does not allow the unusually high amount of voltage to make its way into your electronic components.

When buying a surge protector, look for one from a reputable manufacturer that also offers a warranty. If you buy the cheapest one you can find, it might not be effective.

Unplug Your Electronics

It is simple: Your electronic device can’t be hit with a power surge if it is not plugged in. When you are not using a certain appliance or electronic, simply unplug it. Not only will you eliminate all likelihood of a power surge, but you can also conserve energy and save on your monthly bill.

Examine Your Home’s Wiring

Older homes can have issues in their wiring. For instance, an overloaded circuit can often leave you more prone to power surges. If you suspect your home might suffer from inadequate wiring, contact an electrician to troubleshoot the issue. These professionals know very well how to prevent power surges.

Contact A Local Electrician

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