Installing Replacement Window Handles

Installing Replacement Window Handles - Window Replacement

Window handles and locks, like other mechanisms, can succumb to regular wear over time, making them work improperly. They can also be damaged accidentally or intentionally. Whatever the cause of the damage, the result can be as serious as your safety being compromised. That’s why installing replacement window handles and/or window locks should be done as soon as possible should you notice anything wrong with these window components.

What You Need to Know

When shopping for replacement window handles, you need to know the exact type you need to replace the existing ones. Also, find out which specific part of the window handle was damaged so you know the exact part that needs to be replaced.

Common Types of Window Handles


When you turn this type of handle, the spindle will trigger a gearbox that will open the lock mechanism. When this doesn’t happen, either the window handle or lock or both is broken and need to be replaced. When shopping for espagnolette replacement window handles, make sure you know the length of the spindle of your window handles as well as how long the locking mechanism is to make sure you get the handles with the correct length.

Record the name of the window handles’ manufacturer as well as any marking or stamped information on the handle that can help identify the correct replacement. You can also take the old handles with you when you shop to see if you can get an exact match.

1. To install espagnolette replacement window handles, remove the old handles first. Close the windows.

2. Gently lift off the damaged handle. You can now access the window lock to remove it with the handle removed.

3. Next, slide the metal bar at the handle’s back through the window frame’s hole.

4. Screw the window handle into the frame. Replace screws and put back the screw cover, if necessary.


When choosing cockspur replacement window handles, make sure the new and old handles have the same space under their noses. If the handles are sticking or not working, as they should, remove the handle from the window to see what part has the problem.

1. First, locate a screw at the handle’s base and remove it to reveal two other screws. Remove these screws as well.

2. Turn the handle into open position and remove all other screws to completely remove the handle.

3. When replacing the handle, line the replacement up onto the screw holes and screw it into place. Put back the screw cover, if necessary.

Need help installing new window handles?

To ensure replacement window handles are installed properly, rely on a professional to do the job. Finding reliable service professionals is quick and easy with the help of Seva Call. Let us know what service you need and we’ll connect you to local professionals in minutes. Contact us now!

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