Forensic Accounting In Divorce Engagements

Forensic Accounting In Divorce Engagements - Accountants

Divorces are rarely easy. There are often messy disputes over assets and income that need to be resolved. In many marriages, it is not uncommon for one spouse to have control over finances, which could leave the other spouse at a disadvantage in divorce proceedings. In such cases, lawyers frequently seek the help of forensic accounting in divorce engagements to support their clients.

What Is Forensic Accounting?

A forensic accountant is able to discover things that one spouse may prefer to keep hidden. He or she can uncover hidden assets, money, and even if assets had been sold in anticipation of a divorce. Some of these activities can border on fraud, and it is the job of the forensic accountant to determine what is hidden in order to determine the severity of the offense.

How They Help

In many cases, one spouse is dependent on the other. In divorce proceedings, lawyers often fight for their dependent client to be compensated fairly. This amount can vary greatly depending on the other spouse’s income and assets. If income or assets are being hidden, the amount the dependent spouse receives will be much less than it should be.

If you are among the many people going through a divorce and are concerned your spouse may have hidden something from you, you should consider forensic accounting in divorce engagements. Remember to judge whether hiring a professional is worth it.

If the amount you will benefit does not equal the amount you must pay to the accountant, it clearly is not worth it.

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