How To Remove Car Window Tint Film

How To Remove Car Window Tint Film - Auto Glass Repair

Learning how to remove car window tint film is not as daunting as you might think. Sure, car window tint film certainly looks like it’s not going to go anywhere without a fight, but you can remove it even without using harsh chemicals. You won’t have to scratch up your windows while doing so, either.

You will need some important tools for the job, but ultimately, knowing how to remove car window tint film yourself can save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

How To remove Car Window Tint Film

1. Obtain a fabric steamer. If you do not already own one, they are actually pretty affordable. Fill up the fabric steamer with water and turn it on.

2. Point the steamer at a window with car window tint film on it. The steam from the steamer will melt the adhesive underneath the film.

3. Eventually, you will be able to remove the car window tint film by hand. Simply peel it away.

4. Your window might be left with residue from the melted adhesive. Use a general adhesive remover to wipe away the remaining adhesive.

Tip: It might help to avoid steaming the entire window all at once. You can begin at one corner of the window until you are able to peel it back. Continue steaming small sections of the window as you peel the tint away. This cuts down on the risk that small sections of film will stay stuck on, which would prolong the process.

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