Types Of Motorcycle Tires

Types Of Motorcycle Tires - Auto Repair

Motorcycles can be used for various purposes: sport, cruising, racing, and much more. In order to get the most out of each activity, you need the appropriate tires. What is your motorcycle riding skill level? What kind of motorcycle do you have? What kind of riding are you going to do? These are the questions that you to answer when considering the different types of motorcycle tires. There are many different types of motorcycle tires on the market, so knowing which one to select to suit your needs is important for your safety and for the performance of your motorcycle.


Performance motorcycle tires are designed to grip the ground as your speed increases. The grip is important for turning sharp corners. These tires operate best at higher temperatures, so they will not be as effective or safe if you are just cruising on the road; there will be less grip. Performance bikes usually have radial tires whose sidewall allows for more contact with the road when you lean.


These motorcycle tires have deep treads and grooves, which help grip loose dirt, gravel, sand or mud. If you have a motocross bike and plan to go off-road a lot, you should get these tires. If you don’t plan on going 100% off-road, then you can chose a tire that is 20% off-road and 80% street.


These motorcycle tires are made to be durable because touring motorcycles usually cover long distances. The harder rubber will ensure a long lifespan for your cruising motorcycle. Unlike performance tires, touring tires operate better at lower temperatures, therefore allowing you to travel in any season of the year. Cruiser bike tires are also usually bias-ply tires.

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