What Are Internet Cookies?

What Are Internet Cookies? - Computer Repair

Cookies are not just a delicious treat. You may have heard this term thrown around on the Internet and asked yourself: What are Internet cookies?

In short, Internet cookies are implemented in an effort to make your experience on the web more customized and efficient. To do this, a web server stores bits of information on your computer so that it can later retrieve it. Cookies are incredibly common and have been around for the last decade or more. Many users that do not fully grasp the concept of cookies — or general detractors — argue that it is a violation of a user’s privacy. Keep in mind, though, cookies are far from spyware.

As you read on and explore more about Internet cookies, you can be the judge.

How Do Internet Cookies Work?

In order to answer: What are Internet cookies? You have to know how they work.

When you visit a website, the site assigns an ID and places a cookie on your computer. Your activity on the website is stored so that it can be used to make your browsing experience more user-friendly. The website can also use data from your computer to determine your location so that it can cater to you on a local level.

For example, if you are ordering something on the website and fill out an order form, that information will be stored in the site’s database so that if you ever ordered something again, you wouldn’t have to fill out another form. The information would already be there.

Are Cookies Harmful?

Cookies do not give anyone the opportunity to spy on what you are doing on your computer or retrieve personal information. These are only used to enhance your experience while browsing the Internet. Those that consider cookies a breach of privacy are simply off base.

Types of Cookies

There are two main types of Internet cookies:

Session cookies: These cookies only run while you are visiting a site. Once you close out, the cookie goes away.

Persistent cookies: These cookies remain on your machine for future visits to a website.

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