How Are Internet Cookies Used?

How Are Internet Cookies Used? - Computer Repair

A cookie is a simple string of text-only information. It is sent by a Web server to a Web browser and is primarily used to identify Internet users. When you go to a website that uses cookies, chances are that you will be requested to provide your personal information, such as your name or e-mail address, in order to create an account at the site or to send a message in the site’s “contact us” form. Whenever you’re filling out such forms, the information you provide is put in a cookie and delivered to your Web browser, which then keeps the cookie for later use.

How Are Internet Cookies Used to Remember You?

When you visit the same website again, the browser will retrieve the cookie and transmit it to the Web server. The message on the cookie allows the Web server to remember you and your login information, as well as provide customized content according to your preferences.

This could mean a website is able to welcome you by name on your next visit or keep you logged in to the site without having to ask you repeatedly to log in. Cookies also make e-commerce possible by keeping track of items added to an online shopping cart. Simply put, cookies make the Internet browsing experience faster, and therefore, more enjoyable.

Are Internet Cookies Used for Other Purposes?

Internet cookies can also be used to analyze the surfing behavior of Internet users within a particular website in order to determine the site’s performance. These types of cookies are used to find out the number of visitors to the site, the most-visited Web pages, and how long users spend on certain Web pages.

Although cookies cannot harm a computer system, they can sometimes be used for malicious purposes, particularly for tracking the online activity of users. These are the types of cookies you don’t want on your computer. Once these tracking cookies have gathered enough information about a user’s surfing habits, the data may be sold to advertisers who would target consumers with ads specific to their interests.

Cookies and Your Privacy

Cookies cannot access and read data from your hard drive to gather information about you. They will, however, store personal information that you freely provide to a website, unless you’ve turned off your browser’s cookie feature.

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