How To Care For Braces

How To Care For Braces - Dentists

Young or old, braces are never fun. In fact, they can be a hassle for the months or years you have them. The orthodontist wants to see you monthly and the dentist, bi-yearly. Meanwhile, you can only eat certain foods while dealing with mouth sores and worrying about embarrassing food stuck in your teeth.

While braces may seem like the enemy, the end result is worth the suffering. Here are a few tips on how to care for braces to make sure you achieve the best end result possible.

How To Care For Braces

– Avoid sticky, gooey or hard foods. Hard foods are permissible if they are cut into small pieces. If consumed as is, any one of these foods could knock loose a piece of the equipment and cause damage to your treatment.

– Contact your orthodontist immediately if something is poking you or comes loose. If pieces are left unattached, teeth may shift, which will result in prolonged treatment.

– Brush your teeth after each meal to remove any stuck food particles. Braces can easily harbor food for long periods of time if not properly brushed. This food can rot and cause gum infections or diseases.

– Make sure to keep all orthodontist appointments. The doctor can determine if issues may arise with your equipment in the future and correct any problems already present.

– Most people should avoid whitening toothpaste when wearing braces. If you did not use whitening toothpaste for a significant amount of time before getting your braces, you should not start until after they are removed. If you do use whitening toothpaste, the square areas under your braces will remain yellowed and will show up when your braces are removed.

The important thing to remember when determining how to care for braces is that they are only temporary. You can do anything for a temporary period of time. The results last a lifetime and are well worth it.

Let A Dentist Take A Look

If you are unsure about some things regarding your braces, it’s best to ask a professional orthodontist or dentist. Seva Call can help you find a qualified one in your area. The best part is our service is completely free and effective.

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