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Dumpster Rental Cost - Garbage Removal

If you are planning a large home project with lots of expected waste, you may be wondering about the average dumpster rental cost in your area. After all, renting a dumpster is arguably the most efficient means of handling large surges of waste.

Like storage rental, the cost of a dumpster can vary depending on a variety of factors. The following are five factors to consider when determining your dumpster rental cost.


The price of disposing waste in municipal landfills varies greatly by area and is the main factor in determining how much you will pay for a dumpster. The way this works is as follows.

The full truck will drive across a scale upon arriving to the landfill. It will dump the load and return to the scale empty. The difference in weight is then charged according to the going rate per ton at your landfill.

Flat Rate

Many dumpster rental companies will offer a flat rate to use the dumpster for a certain amount of time. This rate is usually around a few hundred dollars and should include delivery, pick up, and the actual disposal.

Extra Fees

Always read the fine print. Some companies will offer you the dumpster for a certain rate but tack on fuel surcharges if you live a certain distance from the landfill. Others will apply a fee if you choose to keep the dumpster longer than the normal time.


Most companies will quote your charge based on a maximum weight allowance. When you receive your flat rate, be sure to ask about the maximum weight allowance. If you are allowed a load of four tons and exceed that weight limit, you will likely be charged a fee.

Type Of Waste

Some waste must be disposed of in a secure manner. Depending on the type of waste you are disposing of, you may be charged more if special circumstances apply to your waste.

Garbage Removal Experts Are Available To Answer Your Questions

Your best option when determining dumpster rental cost is to contact a local garbage removal expert. He or she will be able to give you local quotes for your waste disposal. TalkLocal can find a local professional for you, and we won’t charge you anything for it.

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  1. Thiago daLuz says:

    Well this makes things somewhat easier. Does the same go for garbage bin rental in Toronto? Can I expect the same pricing model in other places as well?

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