How To Compost Your Garbage

How To Compost Your Garbage - Garbage Removal

These days, many people are trying to reduce their impact on the environment, and one way to do that is through composting. The benefits of composting are undeniable, and the following steps will teach you how to compost your garbage easily.

1. Determine if your area allows for yard composting. If so, and you decide to keep a compost pile, skip the rest of these steps and continue in the section of materials you can compost.

2. Many choose to create a compost bin. To do so, find or buy a cheap 32-inch garbage bin.

3. Drill holes in it from top to bottom, six to 12 inches apart and one to two inches in diameter.

4. Cover these holes with window screening secured with strong duct tape or epoxy. This will allow oxygen to reach the microorganisms, which is needed to compost.

5. As you add material, try to keep a ratio of 50 percent “green” material  and  “brown” material (more on that below).

6. Place the bin on bricks or blocks to allow for more air circulation underneath.

7. Spray the pile with water only enough to dampen it.

8. Add a shovel full of garden soil to the mix. This already contains the microorganisms needed to get the process moving.

9. Turn the can about twice a week to keep it aerated and make sure it stays damp.

10. Your compost will be done in about four weeks under ideal conditions. When it is no longer warm, it is complete.

Items To Compost


– Vegetables that have gone bad or have been cooked (provided there is no salt or butter on them)

– Egg shells

– Fruit and vegetable peels

– Coffee grounds

– Garden/yard clippings


– Twigs

– Leaves

– Sawdust

– Shredded newspaper

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