How To Throw Away Yard Waste

How To Throw Away Yard Waste - Garbage Removal

It is important that you properly dispose of yard waste or else you risk the waste from your yard clogging storm drains or filling up bodies of water in your area. This article will teach you how to throw away yard waste in the most environmentally-friendly ways possible.


By recycling yard waste, or “grasscycling,” you will limit the build-up of thatch on your lawn and make it much easier to care for you lawn. Additionally, it will make the tedious job of mowing your lawn much quicker (it can make the process up to 50% faster). You will also not need to fertilize and water you lawn as often. All in all, grasscycling will make it quicker and easier to take proper care of your lawn.

How To Grasscycle

To grasscycle, you simply have to leave the clippings of your lawn after you mow. The grass clippings will soon decompose and add nutrients to the soil of your lawn. If you plan to grasscycle, you should mow your lawn when the grass has not been watered in a while. You want there to be no moisture in or on the grass. Additionally, you want to mow your lawn with a mower with sharp blades.

For the best results of grasscycling, you want only small grass clippings left on your lawn. Make sure to mow your lawn often, so that you are never mowing more than one third the length of your grass.


You can also place your grass clippings in a bin with other green waste, such as weeds and trimming. Adding a bit of water to the bin will allow nature to decompose the waste even quicker. Compost will usually attract insects and microorganisms that can be helpful to your lawn. You can place compost on top of you lawn or mix it with your soil to benefit your lawn.

Find A Place To Dispose Of Yard Waste

If you have excess yard waste, you may want to contact a garbage removal professional to help you. With the help of TalkLocal, you can be on the phone in minutes with up to three, high-quality garbage removal professionals in your area that are available when you are.

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