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Install Wrought Iron Gate - Handyman

Adding a wrought iron gate to your fence can add a very unique touch of beauty. These gates are known for their simple elegance with twists and turns featured in the iron that end in points and various designs.

Although it may seem difficult, learning how to install a wrought iron gate is a do-it-yourself project. By following some simple steps, you can have the beauty of a wrought iron gate in your yard.

What you need:

– The gate

– End plates

– Hinges

– Bolts, nuts, and washers

– Ball bearings

– A friend or helper

How To Install A Wrought Iron Gate:

1. Bolt the end plates to the end posts. To do this, make sure the holes drilled in your posts are sufficient for the wrought iron gate’s end plates. That means the plates have to be able to fit over the holes properly.

2. Each plate has four holes so it can support two hinges. Use a small washer under each bolt and tighten them by hand.

3. Next, attach the hinges. You can do this by sliding one of the hinge bolts into each of the holes on each of the gate’s panels. Make sure you add a nut and a washer to each one. You want the bent head of each bolt to point downward. Rotate them if you need to.

4. Take a ball bearing and place it in the barrel of each hinge plate. Have your friend help you by holding the gate panel so you can lower the hooks of the hinge bolts into place in the hinge plate barrels.

5. Make sure the gate is hanging level by tightening or loosening the nuts with a wrench accordingly. Be careful not to over-tighten — that will make the gate harder to move. Grease the hinges, too.

Looking For Help?

With these steps, you will be left with a new wrought iron gate in your yard. If you have more questions about the process or how to pick out a wrought iron gate, TalkLocal can connect you with the professionals in your area who can help. Try our fast and free service to save you time and energy.

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