Building a Straight Yard Fence

Building a Straight Yard Fence - Landscapers

Numerous homeowners choose to handle their home improvement assignments on their own without involving an expert. However, when it comes to building a straight yard fence, most of them are usually looking for useful tricks and tips, allowing them to obtain excellent results. If you want to start such an ambitious project by yourself, keep reading to find out everything there is to know about practical, appealing, straight yard fences and learn how to build one fast and with minimal effort.

The String Method

The biggest challenge is to build a straight fence. Wrong measurements, abundant vegetation, and sloping terrain can work to your disadvantage, making you misjudge lines. In this case, how do fence builders manage to design perfectly straight fences? Some of them use lasers, a modern method that you could also rely on; however, if you are trying to complete this project on a strict budget, choose to test the effectiveness of the string method, utilized by contractors for centuries to build flawless fences.

When it comes to building a straight yard fence, there are many elements that you should take into consideration. The ideal distance between the posts depends on many factors, including the type of fence you plan to design, its purpose, and the terrain you want to build on.

1. Decide exactly where your fence will begin (point A) and where it will end (point B).

2. Stretch a straight line, using string, from point A to point B to align all fence posts situated in between.

3. Make sure to place the fence posts in the correct position to prevent flaws that might compromise the aesthetics and the functionality of your yard fence. One-third of the overall length of the posts should be completely buried in the ground.

4. The posts can be packed with concrete or with dirt.

4. All wooden fence posts should be placed in an upright position, and each post should be firmly braced with solid stakes, after being aligned properly.

5. Make sure the stakes reach your layout string and then fill all holes with concrete.

6, Take a few seconds to inspect the alignment and make final adjustments if necessary.

7. Let the concrete mix set for approximately 48 hours before starting to install your fence panels or rails.

Ask an Expert

Building a straight yard fence can be quite difficult, especially for novices who have never conducted any type of home improvement projects before. In this case, it is recommended to opt for professional services ensured by talented landscapers. Find the best ones by consulting TalkLocal, your trusted source of information, designed to help you meet competent professionals who have what it takes to address your needs and demands in a timely manner.

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