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Having a deck offers a lot of space for outdoor eating, socializing and other activities. If you do not want to build your own patio, but you are interested in having a hard surface outside of your home, a deck can go a long way. Picking out the best deck material is a decision based on your own needs and desires.

There isn’t really one end-all, be-all, best deck material. Different deck materials serve different purposes and offer various benefits. Here are some examples of common deck materials and their benefits.


Wood is one of the most common deck materials out there. Its natural beauty and durability put it at the top of most people’s lists for outdoor building, especially since it can be stained in various shades or painted different colors to match your home perfectly.

Different woods are priced differently, but building with wood tends to be cheaper than other materials. Although wood decks are durable and can endure the elements, they will need some maintenance and resealing if they encounter damage.


When you build a composite deck, you are using natural wood and some synthetic materials to get a look very similar to a wooden deck with a bit more durability and less maintenance. Composite decks are pretty eco-friendly in that they use old sawdust or recycled wood that could have otherwise been discarded.

Composite decks tend to be more resilient to rain and other natural elements. They can also be formed into different textures and colors.


These are the most water-resistant decks. They are made from metal panels that are connected side-by-side. They require very little upkeep because of their resistance to the elements. They also look sleek and they are a modern twist on a classic outdoor space.

That said, they can become dented if they are hit hard enough, and they do show dirt much clearer than wood or composite decks, meaning you will need to spray them down with a hose from time to time. They also tend to be more expensive than other decks.

Find Someone To Build Your Deck

All of these materials will leave you with a beautiful, multi-purpose, outdoor space. TalkLocal can also connect you with the professionals you need to get your questions answered and your deck built so you can begin enjoying nature.

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