How To Remove Shrubs

How To Remove Shrubs - LandscapersJust because you plant a shrub and it takes root, doesn’t mean that you cannot move it around within your landscape or remove it altogether. When a shrub is no longer healthy, or simply does not mesh with your landscape, it might be high time to get rid of it.

If you do not know how to remove shrubs, you will likely end up with tired arms and an achy back. Once the roots take hold, a shrub is not going anywhere without a fight.

How To Remove Shrubs

1. Trim the shrub back as best as you can. It is not easy trying to handle a shrub with long, out-of-control branches. Prune the shrub the best you can so you don’t have to deal with something so bulky.

2. Start by digging in the area around the shrub. If you immediately dig in your shovel at the base of the shrub, you will be slowed up by thick, stubborn roots. Plus, if you break those roots, you will damage the shrub and you will not be able to replant it.

3. Dig around the base of the plant with a roughly two-foot radius from where the shrub enters the ground. Once you dig down, start working your way in toward the shrub.

4. Even if you plan on replanting the shrub, you can still clip away the smaller roots to make it easier to dig. You will want to try to preserve the larger roots if possible. To do this, dig around these main roots, clearing the soil away to expose them.

5. As you dig and clear dirt away, continually wiggle the shrub in an effort to jar it loose. This certainly will not be a quick and easy process. If the shrub has been there for a long time, or is especially big, the roots will have a firm hold on the soil.

6. Once you are able to remove the shrub completely, make sure to go back and take out any roots that remain in the soil. This ensures that you won’t face unwanted growth in the future.

Call In The Guys That Know How To Remove Shrubs

There is a real science to removing shrubs, and most landscapers have it down cold. If you require the services of a professional landscaper, TalkLocal can help you find one in your area fast. Try out our service and see how effective it truly is.

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