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Key Broke Off Inside The Lock - Locksmiths

When you are in a hurry and are not careful with your lock and key, you might find yourself with a big problem. Sometimes you can bend your key or scratch it, but other times you can cause some serious damage — like when the key breaks before you completely remove it. Knowing what to do if your key broke off inside the lock ahead of time can save you a lot of trouble if it happens.

If Your Key Broke Off Inside The Lock, try following these steps (note, this will not work if you have a skeleton key):

1. You will need to get a thin-bladed piece of metal, preferably serrated metal. For example, a broken coping saw blade or jig saw blade would work well.

2. If it is possible for you to remove the lock from the door, do so. If it is not possible or not easy for you to remove the lock from the door, do not worry.

3. Figure out how the key is positioned. You need to know this so you can work from the side with the teeth. The smooth side won’t help you here.

4. Spray the keyhole with some sort of lubricant, such as graphite powder. Do not drown the keyhole, but make sure it is evenly coated to ensure a smooth transition.

5. Match the blade and key tooth-to-tooth and slide your blade into the keyhole.

6. Keep pushing, slowly but smoothly, until the blade’s teeth grab the key’s teeth.

7. Pull the blade out very slowly, making sure it remains connected with the key. This should pull the broken key piece out.

These steps will work for most typical locks, but some lock and key sets will be more difficult. For example, deadbolts will be harder to wriggle through because they are designed to be sturdier.

Connect With A Locksmith

If this does not work, you may need to consider getting some professional assistance. TalkLocal can connect you with local locksmiths that can get your broken key out and fix your lock. The search process is quick and easy.

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