My Key Is Stuck In The Lock

My Key Is Stuck In The Lock - Locksmiths

A very common problem that occurs for both the seasoned homeowner and the new renter is with locks. More specifically, many people get their key stuck in the lock and don’t know how to get it out.  The surprising thing is that more often than not, this can be solved with an extremely simple method.  Let’s first start with what had likely caused you to be in such a predicament.

My Key Is Stuck In The Lock!

The locks that typically get stuck are not the deadbolts, but the bottom portion of household locks. These locks have a keyhole mechanism in the center and are typically surrounded by a metal cylinder. The issue oftentimes is that the keyhole mechanism becomes lose, which puts unusual pressure on the key, causing it to get stuck in the lock.

How To Get Your Key Unstuck

A common solution is to spray the inside lock with a lubricant like WD40, or to use graphite to keep the inside of the lock from becoming jammed.  If you don’t have access to these items there are still some options for getting your key unstuck from the lock.

Try placing your index finger on the lock mechanism with one hand. With your free hand, grab the key between your index finger and thumb, making sure that the lock is staying put and the key is the only thing moving. This will help to stabilize the lock, and hopefully, you will be able to pull your key out of the lock.

Find A Locksmith

If you are still having trouble with your key getting stuck in the lock, you can use Seva Call. We will connect you with up to three, high-quality locksmiths within minutes. We will have you speaking with the right professionals in just minutes, for free!

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