Massage Technique Tips

Massage Technique Tips - Massage Therapy

A massage can be a useful way to alleviate stress and tension, as well help heal injuries, and heighten your immune system. With the help of a trusted friend or spouse, you can have a massage at home! There are a number of different types of massages that you can give or receive. This article will help you with a variety of different massage technique tips.


Acupressure is a Chinese massage technique similar to acupuncture, but without the needles. Applying pressure to specific pressure points can get rid of blocks in your meridian system, which helps the immune system and makes you just feel better in general.

Balinese Massage Therapy

The Balinese massage is a traditional, ancient technique from Bali, an island in Indonesia. To perform the technique you must strongly knead and roll the skin over every muscle in the person’s body. Using scented oils to lubricate the massages skin is also an important part of the Balinese massage technique.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is useful when you have particular aches and pains that need to be addressed. However, it can be intense and sometimes painful. It should not be used for infections, after surgery or chemotherapy, when you are pregnant, or if you have heart disease or osteoporosis. However, if you have strong or continuous pain somewhere in your body, or a specific trauma or injury, it can be very helpful. It is performed by applying very firm pressure and friction to muscles in the area of pain, using hands, knuckles, fingertips, elbows, and forearms. A deep tissue massage can help blood to circulate properly and heal tissue that is inflamed.

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is the most common type of massage, and what you may think of as a “regular” massage.” In order to perform a Swedish massage, you must apply pressure to the deepest bones and muscles on the person’s body. Both kneading motions and circular motions are used to do this. Additionally, soft tapping of finger tips and the side of your hand, as well as pressure from the thumbs can be used in order to create an enjoyable and effective Swedish massage.

Get A Professional Massage

If you do not have someone you feel comfortable with performing these techniques on you, you can contact a professional massage therapist to give you a massage. With the help of TalkLocal, you can be on the phone in minutes with up to three, high-quality massage therapists, who offer the massage techniques you’re looking for.

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