Where Are Trigger Points?

Where Are Trigger Points? - Massage Therapy

If you are aching after a workout or experiencing deep muscle pain after sleeping in an awkward position, you may be wondering: Where are trigger points? How can they be utilized to get rid of the pain?

You do not have to search hard for them, but they may be difficult to reach with your own hands. Many people seek a professional massage therapist’s help in working out their trigger points. Here are just a few facts you need to know to determine if you need professional assistance.

What Are Trigger Points?

Trigger points are areas that are hypersensitive to pain. They generally occur in the center of a muscle and can cause pain to radiate outward to affect conjoining areas. For example, a trigger point (many people refer to these as a “knot”) in one’s shoulder may cause pain that extends into the neck or head.

They are usually relieved with manual pressure. This is typically done gently at first and then pressure is gradually increased to work out the spot. While it usually will be painful, most people describe this as a “good hurt”, such as one feels after a workout.

Where Are Trigger Points? How Can You Find Them?

You can locate your trigger point by pressing the muscle that is causing pain. Work the muscle from the least sensitive area to the most sensitive. Often, these knots will cause the surrounding muscle to tense as well, so it may be difficult to locate the exact spot. If you can reach the spot yourself, work the muscle from the outside in to relax the muscle and locate the point.

Often these points occur in areas that are difficult to reach. If you believe you have a trigger point that is causing pain and you cannot reach it, you may need a professional to massage the area.

Find One In Your Area

You will not have to ask a professional masseuse: Where are trigger points? They can find and remedy them for you. Seva Call can hook you up with a highly-qualified professional in your area absolutely free.

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