Running On A Treadmill vs Track

Running On A Treadmill vs Track - Gyms and Fitness

We all know that cardio exercises are good for the heart and a great way to get rid of that extra weight we’re sick of carrying around, but it’s hard to figure out which form of cardio is best for you.

Runners generally tend to be healthier than non-runners, but even still, they must decide the benefits of running on a treadmill vs track. Neither option is inherently better or worse than the other, but both have different benefits. A personal trainer might be able to tell you which best fits your unique needs.

Running On A Treadmill:

– You can track your speed and distance very easily on a treadmill. If your goal is to be able to run at a certain speed, a treadmill can help you start out. When you run on a treadmill, you set the speed to a certain number based on how many miles per hour you want to run. Speed “6,” for example, is running at six miles per hour. By doing this, you can insure that your training level is where you need it to be.

– Treadmills have pre-determined workout programs that might help you. Whether you’re trying to run intervals, get your heart rate up or focus on burning the most calories, you can usually find a treadmill program that meets your needs and keeps your workout regulated.

– Most treadmills come equipped with heart rate monitors. Although these are not 100% guaranteed and do not work as well as an individualized heart rate monitor, they do help you keep a general idea of how much your heart is working.

Running On A Track:

– If you hope to be a distance runner, or to compete in races, running on a track might be better for you. Wind resistance, varying inclines, and temperature all play into outdoor running. Running on a track (inside or outside) can help prepare you for that.

– Track running can help you build endurance on your own instead of relying on a treadmill to set the pace. This way, you can easily find your own natural pace by timing yourself and then work to run faster or further on your own terms.

– Running on a track is somewhat safer than a treadmill just because of the falling risk. If you fall on a treadmill, you risk injuring yourself if the treadmill keeps going. Falling on a track may hurt, but it’s a one-time type of injury.

Both of these options help you build endurance and improve your cardiac health. Running on a treadmill vs a track will help you stay in shape no matter what you choose.

Consult A Local Personal Trainer

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