Average Motorcycle MPG

Average Motorcycle MPG - Auto Repair

When you own a motorcycle, you want it to be as fuel efficient as possible. The average motorcycle mpg rating is 40 to 50 mpg. While this mileage is pretty good, and much better than most cars, it is still possible to make it better.

Here are some tips to help.

Drive On Highways As Much As Possible

Although it is impossible for most people to avoid driving through town or on side streets, you will get much better gas mileage driving on the highways.

When you drive your motorcycle in town and make a lot of stops, you are using much more gas than what you use while driving for long periods of time without stopping on the highway. When you do have to drive in town or on side streets, try coasting between stop signs and red lights and avoid aggressive driving as much as possible.

Remove Bike Accessories

Some motorcycle accessories are necessary and others aren’t. If you want to improve the average motorcycle mpg, remove any accessories that you aren’t using, such as saddlebags and sissy bars.

These accessories weigh the bike down and cause it to use more gas to get from place to place. They also make for more wind resistance.

Keep The Right Tire Pressure

Many people do not realize that their tire pressure can affect your average motorcycle mpg rating. Check your tires often and make sure they are aired up to the appropriate pressure. Too much or too little pressure could be making your bike use more gas than necessary.

You may be happy with your motorcycle’s mpg rating, but why not try to improve it? With the money you save by improving your motorcycle’s gas mileage, you could travel across the country on a motorcycle road trip!

Finding A Repair Service For Your Motorcycle

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