Ideas For Remodeling A Basement: Flooring

Ideas For Remodeling A Basement: Flooring - Carpet Cleaners

Oftentimes, before you finish your basement, you have a plain, concrete floor. Although this flooring has many benefits (such as being spill-proof and easy to clean), you may want to change things up for your basement’s final look. These flooring ideas for remodeling a basement offer the look you want in a way that is easy and affordable while you are remodeling.

Ideas for remodeling a basement floor when concrete isn’t your motif of choice include:

Carpeting: If you want your basement carpeted, you’re not alone. This is becoming one of the most popular choices when homeowners remodel their basements. However, not all carpeting is created equally, especially in a room that is likely to gather moisture. This can damage carpeting. The best type of carpet for your basement is largely considered to be low-pile and looped style carpets. Consider a partial nylon blend and stay away from the shag if you’re adding carpet to your basement.

Vinyl: Although it is not the most popular, many designers agree that vinyl is the best choice for remodeling a basement floor. Vinyl is moisture-proof, which is vital for your basement, and it comes in large sheets that virtually eliminate the annoyance of seams in the flooring. It installs easily over concrete floors; however, if there are any blemishes in your flooring, the vinyl won’t hide them. You may consider a thicker cut if you’re in that situation. There are also dozens and dozens of styles and patterns to choose from with your vinyl flooring, allowing you to truly make the look your own and hatch many ideas for remodeling a basement.

Faux Wood: If you’re in love with the look of wood flooring, you might be hoping to add that to your basement. Unfortunately, the cost of adding a true wood floor to your basement alongside the risks of moisture is too much for many. Consider the faux wood look. This is basically a system of tile flooring that looks just like wood flooring and snaps into place on top of the concrete. It looks great and suits a basement, as it usually has a thin layer of vinyl beneath to remain moisture proof. It’s also much more affordable.

 Can’t Decide?

All of these options and more can help you finish your basement the way you want. If you have more questions or concerns, TalkLocal can help connect you to any local professional imaginable. From carpet cleaners to professionals that can install faux wood flooring, just tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest.

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