Lumbar Stabilization Exercises For Low Back Pain

Lumbar Stabilization Exercises For Low Back Pain - Chiropractors

If you experience pain in your lower back, the chances are good that you are suffering from lumbar issues. The best way to help relieve the pain is to stretch the muscle so it is not tight and is not likely to be pulled or strained in the future. Here are some lumbar stabilization exercises for low back pain that might help you feel some relief.

Floor Kicks

The floor kick exercise helps strengthen the lumbar muscles so they are less likely to become damaged or torn. To do this exercise, lay on the floor and lift up one leg and then the other. Continue to alternate legs for five minutes. Point your toes as you lift your legs to stretch the muscles even more. If your back is already hurting, the exercise may be painful at first. As time progresses, this exercise will be easier to perform and eventually the pain will go away.

Medicine Ball

A medicine ball can be your best friend if you have low back pain. You can loosen the muscles by sitting on the ball and gently bouncing. You can also use the ball for a variety of stretches. Try laying on the ball on your stomach with your knees on the ground. Extend your legs out and move forward on the ball. You should feel your muscle stretching as you move.

Roman Chair Exercise

Use a medicine ball or a chair, and bend straight over at your waist to touch your toes. You will feel your lumbar muscles pull as you do this exercise. This stretch will help you to loosen these muscles and stretch them out. It is one of the most effective lumbar stabilization exercises for low back pain.

These lumbar stabilization exercises for low back pain can help you anytime your back is hurting. Do them often to prevent back pain and to keep your muscles strong.

Finding The Right Help

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