Massage For Lower Back Pain

Massage For Lower Back Pain - Massage Therapy

When you experience lower back pain, whether due to normal stiffness over time, or you have a specific injury, having a lower back massage can alleviate a lot of the pain and discomfort. Lower back massages are the go-to for the all-too-common lower back issues. No more Ibuprofen or Tylenol; check out the benefits of massage for lower back pain for once!

How Does Massage For Lower Back Pain Work?

Massages are aimed at loosening up the muscles and tissue in specific areas of the body. For lower back pain, the massage is geared towards loosening the surrounding muscles of the lower back in order to take the pressure off of your strained muscles. A 10-week intervention program of massage for lower back pain has proven results to almost completely eliminate the pain from your back. That is definitely something to check out!

The Benefits Of Massage For Lower Back Pain

Not only will the lower back messages decrease your pain, it will also improve your range of motion. You will be back to functioning like your old self with better ease of movement. In addition, having a massage relaxes your mind from a stressful day and can be used as a meditation exercise. Not only will you feel a sense of relief throughout your back, the muscles in your back will then cause other parts of your body to become loosened and will experience pain reduction.

Getting a massage for lower back pain can extend to your overall mental health, and even to other areas of your body. Overall, you will feel looser, healthier, and much more relieved!

Find Yourself A Massage Therapist

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2 Responses to “Massage For Lower Back Pain”

  1. Dr J Malay says:

    There are many causes of lower back pain in men which may be due to a job related or sports injury. Be sure to consult a qualified doctor before adopting a new exercise regime.

  2. highlands ranch chiropractor says:

    Great post and agree with you that massage can cure your lower back problem. Besides massage therapeutic exercises are also effective but stop doing exercises that put pressure on the spine. To avid any injury pay attention to all compensations you make during exercise and stretch before regular workouts.

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