Microsoft Office On Windows 8

Microsoft Office On Windows 8 - Computer Repair

Much of the reason users were so pumped about the arrival of Window 8 was because it ushers in a new operating system. While most people would consider this an upgrade, a change in operating systems will never come without its share of casualties.

If you have older programs, it is understandable that you would be concerned whether they would work on Windows 8. One of the most important programs that users go to is Microsoft Office. So, are there any problems with your Microsoft Office on Windows 8?

Read on to see how you can check.

Windows Compatibility Center

You can use the Windows compatibility center to determine if your version of Microsoft Office on Windows 8 will work.

Here, you can check on all the various versions of Microsoft Office — and there are plenty. This is important because some versions will be compatible with Windows 8, while others are partially compatible, and still others are completely incompatible.

While Microsoft Office was released as an app on Windows 8, the individual programs (i.e. Word, PowerPoint, etc.) were not, which has caused significant confusion.

Stay Conscious Of Compatibility Issues When Shopping

Not everyone purchases the brand new version of Microsoft Office. This makes it important to do your homework before you go about purchasing an older version of the software. Check with the compatibility center or search online forums or help websites to determine whether your software will even function on your computer.

Get Computer Help

Microsoft Office on Windows 8 will take some getting used to. Those that have used this software for years will certainly be thrown for a little bit of a loop.

If you need computer help, TalkLocal gives you instant access to those that can help. We find professionals in your area and connect you with them. You’ll never have to suffer more than a couple minutes with a debilitating computer issue.

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