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Install Microsoft Word On Chromebook - Computer Repair

One of the major drawbacks for a hot new piece of technology is that users cannot install Microsoft Word on Chromebook. Chromebook uses ChromeOS for an operating system. ChromeOS is Linux-based — Chromebook does not use Windows. And, since both Word and Windows are Microsoft products, it is not a surprise that Word only runs on Windows.

Just because users can’t install Microsoft Word on Chromebook, does not mean that they are locked out forever from utilizing Word documents. There are a number of ways Chromebook users can go about handling Word documents, even without having the actual program. The same goes for files generated in Excel and PowerPoint. These are important file types, and having access to them is essentially a must.

Download Microsoft Office Web App

One of the most attractive options available to Chromebook users is downloading the Microsoft Office web app. This Chrome app was generated by Microsoft themselves and gives Chromebook users the chance to go online and use Microsoft Office programs directly, including Microsoft Word.

This even includes SkyDrive, a Cloud storage system developed by Microsoft. While Chromebook users can’t install Word on Chromebook, they can still use Word, making this app a must-have.

Google Docs

You might be familiar with Google Docs, a service that is currently offered by Google for free. Chromebook users can use Google Docs to open and edit all of the popular file types of Microsoft Office. This includes Microsoft Word documents. This is a solid solution, because Chromebook and Google Docs are both developed by Google, so they integrate with each other seamlessly.

InstallFree Nexus

Similar to the Microsoft Office app, this app allows Chromebook users to utilize all of the Microsoft programs. InstallFree Nexus serves up the programs to the user and makes them feel like they’re working on Windows.

Consult The Experts 

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  1. Antwan Arthur says:

    So if I go get the Microsoft app online I can get all the Microsoft apps

  2. Paola Radiati says:

    Good afternoon

    I have a question, I’m thinking to buy the Acer 11.6″ Chromebook 2GB 320GB Chrome OS| C710-2847, my doubt is how can I download the office for this computer , because I need word, excel and power point.

    Can I download for free? or I have to pay ?

    Waiting for your answer


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