What Does WiFi Stand For?

What Does WiFi Stand For? - Computer Repair

If you are desperately searching for somewhere to use your laptop and check your e-mail, the now-famous WiFi symbol is probably a beautiful sight. You have probably heard the term WiFi many times before, and you probably even know what it means.

But, what does WiFi stand for? Here is your answer and a little bit more information on this now-common area of technology.

What Does WiFi Stand For?

The term WiFi is an abbreviated version of the term “wireless fidelity”. WiFi is the most common term used for a wireless internet network, which is overwhelmingly prevalent among public businesses or establishments.

You will often hear people ask in public “Do you have WiFi?” This simply means they are searching for a place that offers wireless internet that they can utilize on their own computer.

What Do You Need For WiFi?

Wireless internet is so common these days that you are probably utilizing WiFi technology right now. A wireless setup consists of a modem, which generates the connection via a cable system, and a wireless router. The router sends out the internet connection through the air in frequencies.

To use wireless internet, your computer must be equipped with some sort of wireless internet card or device. Unless your computer or laptop is very old, it probably is already equipped with one.

So, I Can Use Any WiFi?

Most individuals and some businesses password protect their WiFi so that you can’t use it without permission. This is especially smart for individuals, who do not want their neighbors using their WiFi and slowing down the connection.

Need Help Installing WiFi?

Many people grapple with setting up WiFi, especially if it is in a commercial setting and the network must accommodate multiple users. For help, do not hesitate to visit TalkLocal, where we can connect you with numerous local tech professionals that can handle the job.

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