What Does An Orthodontist Do?

What Does An Orthodontist Do? - Dentists

What does an orthodontist do? The short answer: a lot of things.

Move Teeth

Orthodontists can spend up to 10 years in school training to do a variety of dental and orthodontic procedures. One of the most common procedures which orthodontists perform is adding braces to teeth.

Orthodontists study the movement of teeth and are capable of manipulating these movements. This can include installing spacers which help move teeth apart or together, retainers which are worn after braces are removed in order to keep teeth from moving out of place, and head gear which helps move and space a patient’s teeth at night.

 Most Dentists Are NOT Orthodontists

Orthodontists often have their own offices, and it is not uncommon for more than one orthodontist to practice in one office. Sometimes, orthodontists will partner with dentists and work in the safe office.

Many require a referral from a dentist before they can work on a patient’s teeth. Orthodontists will often asks patients to see a dentist to have teeth removed or cavities filled in between orthodontic procedures.

┬áBefore They Manipulate Your Teeth’s Movement

Before an orthodontist begins moving the teeth, he or she will often make a mold and take X-rays of a patient’s mouth. This lets the orthodontist see what the mouth looks like from all angles, and will allow him or her to create a treatment plan to fix the teeth.

An orthodontist may have to see a patient several times before he or she starts moving and positioning the teeth. Many orthodontists will not work on children who have not lost all of their baby teeth and whose adult teeth are not in place.

Some will also require patients to have their wisdom teeth removed to help make space in the mouth for other teeth to move around.

Find An Orthodontist Near You

So, what does an orthodontist do? Now you know. If you are thinking about becoming an orthodontist, you should research different colleges and schools to find one that will give you the proper training to pursue your career.

If you’re simply looking for an orthodontist to tend to your needs, rely on TalkLocal. We can help you locate a local one who fits your needs.

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