Wire 3 Way Light Switch

Wire 3 Way Light Switch - Electricians

A three-way light switch allows you to turn off a particular light from two different switches, oftentimes on opposite sides of the room. Having a three-way light switch can add many benefits, and could spice up a renovation project in your home. Learning how to wire 3 way light switch is easier than you think.

What You Will Need

2 three-way light switches

1 light bulb

1 razor blade

1 screwdriver

1 pair of pliers

1 pair of wire cutters

14/3 wire

14/2 wire

How To Wire 3 Way Light Switch

1. Before you begin wiring the 3 ways light switch, make sure the power is turned off in the main circuit panel. Check the outlet with a volt tester to ensure that it’s off before you start working.

2. You will use two different wires. You will use a 14/3 wire that contains 4 wires inside, but you will only end up using 2 of them: the black and red wires are for travelers, the white is the neutral, and the grounds wire will be set aside. You will also use a 14/2 wire that contains 3 wires: the black wire is for power, the white wire is neutral, and the grounds wire will be set aside, as well.

3. With a razor blade, cut down the center of the 14/2 and 14/3 wires in order to reveal the contained colored wires. Cut off the insulation that surrounded the colored wires. You might need to use the wire cutters to shorten the wires, but make sure you have enough wire to wrap around the screws and travelers.

4. Tie your white wires (the neutrals) together with a wire nut. Tie your grounds wires together with a wire nut, too. You should be left with three wires: the one supplying power (black wire in the 14/2), which will connect to the black screw on the 3 way light switch, and the 2 wires (black and red in the 14/3) that will connect to the travelers on the 3 way light switch.

5. Using pliers, connect the black wire from the 14/2 to the black screw on the 3 way light switch. Wrap the red and black wires from the 14/3 around the two travelers. You are now finished with your first 3 way light switch.

6. On the second 3 way light switch, separate the two grounds wires and two white neutrals as you did with the first switch. You will have the three wires remaining: the black wire from the 14/2 and the black and red wires from the 14/3. Again, wrap and tighten the black wire from the 14/2 around the black screw. Connect the black and red wires from the 14/3 to each of the travelers.

7. The white neutrals and grounds wires will NOT be used, so leave them aside and tied together with the wire nut.

8. Test the light by flipping each switch. If the light goes on and off for each switch, then you successfully wired a 3 way light switch! Cover the switches with switch plates using your screwdriver.

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